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Lumbar pain and back pain relief

Sixty percent of adults suffer from lumbar pain every year and unfortunately many become chronic sufferers. Back pain is most often the result of poor posture, an injury or overuse, but there are other causes such as inflammation, and rarer more serious problems such as progressive diseases affecting bones and joints.

We are trained to make accurate clinical diagnosis of spinal problems and can advise on whether your spinal pain needs imaging, arranging scanning if necessary. Once scanned we can explain the relevance of the findings and use this information to plan your treatment. 


Worthing Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic therapists use a wide range of effective treatments to provide relief of back pain and restore movement and spinal function. Back pain therapy includes manipulation, mobilisation and massage. Back exercises strengthen stomach muscles improving spinal support for the relief of back pain and help to prevent further episodes of back pain.




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