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  • Do I need a referral from my GP?

You can make an appointment without a GP referral (although a referral may be required with some health insurance policies).

  • Are you registered physiotherapists?

All physiotherapists working at the clinic are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and registered with the Health Professions Council.

  • Are you registered with all major health insurers?

Yes. Please check the level of cover and obtain authorisation from your insurer before you begin treatment

  • What hours are you open?

8.00am to 7.00pm. Appointments are usually available within 48hrs and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

  • What shall I wear?

We may need you to remove some items of clothing in order to fully examine the affected area, so please wear clothes or undergarments that you are comfortable in!

  • How long does it take?

Please allow 45-60min for the initial appointment. We will explain the diagnosis and advise you on the management of the problem.

If treatment is required, we will explain what this will entail and how many sessions may be required. Please allow 30-40min for follow-up treatments.

  • How do I pay

 You can pay with cash or personal cheque, payable to: Worthing Physio Clinic


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