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Strains and pains? We can help

Are you: -

    A sportsperson or recreational athlete with an injury or niggling pain? click HERE

    Finding pain is interfering with work? Back pain after long commutes and sitting at the computer? Or joint pains and strains with more active jobs? click HERE

    Having an operation? click HERE

    Finding it difficult to do the things you enjoy like gardening or bowling? Or activities like housework, that you don't enjoy but have to do anyway!    

The Physiotherapists at Worthing Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are experts in manual therapy or 'hands on' treatments. We use proven physical treatments to restore, promote and maintain optimal physical function. This means we can help you reduce pain and stay active.

Not sure whether we could help you?

Call us for advice: 01903 264300

or email: enquiries@worthingphysioclinic.co.uk


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